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Finding Italian Property Online

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Evaluating Your Italian Properties

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The GRAAMMS Framework

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Google Maps Trip Planning + Cool Features

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Tommy Sikes, CFP®

Tommy is the founder of Traveltirement™. He's passionate for teaching others about affordable expat retirement and cheap properties in Italy and France.When not teaching online, he can be found hiking, biking, or exploring beautiful spots around the world.

  • This was very informative. The lessons were easy to follow and to the point. The information was not overwhelming.

    When using GRAAMMS, I like the reminder to use the Italian description as well as the English version – this is a great tip!

    • Thanks Florentina! I’m redoing the lessons to make them “flow” better.

      I may create a downloadable PDF with the English and Italian terms to search.

      That way I can update that list without having to reshoot a video.

      I appreciate your feedback.

  • I’ve gone through the entire course so far. There was definitely some content that I had not come across or dug deep enough into, like some of the different sorting and filtering options in gate-away and google maps. I also like the GRAAMMS system for it’s thoroughness and simplicity.

    Some of the segments seemed overly simplistic and/or short (one was 17 seconds). I spent more time clicking Lesson Complete and Next Lesson than it took to watch the segment. A suggestion would be to splice like videos together and have video bookmarks (like YouTube videos have) so someone can jump to that part of the video if they want a specific section, or watch the whole segment in one shot. For example, you can easily combine the gate-away sign-up, saved search and saved property in one video with three bookmarks. Same for the GRAAMMS videos.

    Great start! Hope these comments are helpful.

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