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"I Don't Even Know Where To Start!"

I can remember mumbling this to myself.

I had just stumbled upon a stunning French home for sale. I was shocked. What shocked me was not that it was close to a river, near many castles and wineries. It was the price.

"How can it be this affordable? Houses in the U.S. are crazy expensive!"

I soon discovered that property in Italy can be even cheaper.

You see, my wife and are were going to be empty-nesters soon, our last child heading off to college. What would we do with ourselves? What was our next chapter?

I knew travel would be a big part, but vacations to Europe are exhausting:

  • Sleep a few hours on the plane
  • Scramble to "pack it in" and see ALL the sights
  • Pay a premium for being in tourist areas
  • Never really feel a part of the culture
  • Struggle to communicate in a language you don't speak
  • Return home and feel like you need a vacation from the vacation

I knew there had to be a better way.

Could the French village house I found be the answer? What if we owned a home in Europe?

Instead of "packing it in", we could spend a few weeks at a time. Even months. Slow travel. Live like a local. Really feel a part of something. We could even retire there at some point!

Then the question hit me:

"I don't even know where to start!?!"

Can Americans even buy a house in Italy/France? Do you have to be a citizen? Do I need a visa? What's the actual cost of buying a home? Do I have to pay taxes in France or Italy?

How does it all work?!?

And that's why I started Traveltirement™:

To guide you through the process of learning about, planning, and following through on your dreams of retirement or long-term living in Italy or France.

4 Things To Know

I get questions daily asking about buying a home, retiring, or living part-time in Italy and France. Though every situation is unique, there are things everyone should know when starting out. Below is basic information on four general ideas I share frequently.

Buying Property

There are no restrictions on Americans buying property in Italy or France. You just need to learn the process and the taxes/fees involved.

Living Longer Term

To stay longer than 90 days (every 180 days), you'll need some type of visa in Italy or France. There are several types to consider.

Taxes As An Expat

Understanding what your taxes might be is an important step in making sure you can live sustainably in Italy or France.

Learn The Language

Even if you don't plan on retiring there, nothing will enrich your time in Italy or France more than being able to carry on a conversation.

How Your Daily Life Could Look

You wake up in your village home, rested after some sightseeing yesterday.

You head to the local café and bakery, chatting with your new local friends on the way.

"I can't believe we live here!", you think to yourself. Though you still spend some time in the U.S., this is beginning to feel like home. Especially now that you can carry on a conversation in the language.

You also can't believe how affordable living here is.

Groceries, eating out, phone and internet service, and using public transportation. You're pay WAY less that you were in the U.S.

Not to mention healthcare. Going to the doctor costs less than $50. And that's without insurance!

If you retire here, you could join the national healthcare and pay next to nothing.

But what really makes you truly fulfilled is feeling a part of the community and culture. You understand why people have enjoyed living in this place for thousands of years.

And now you're part of that history. It really is a dream come true.