Learn How To Retire Or Buy Property In Italy or France

Each week I share cheap property in Italy and France + tips I've learned about expat retirement and affordable living abroad.

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What People Are Saying

I trust Tommy 100% on all things finance and travel related, he’s a super-solid human!

I have been to 102 countries, and have seen some things, and I never miss one of Tommy’s house video’s.

I’m the one watching the French ones too!

Tommy is great to talk to, he really cares about people, I’d highly recommend you follow him everywhere!

Paul Bast aka theNomaddad

Tommy shares great real estate properties from around the world.

These keep me motivated to keep working hard and investing.

His content actually has me considering countries I'd never even considered before.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge & great name BTW!

Tom @thefrugalgay11

I think Tommy has found something that is itching at many of the American population and abroad.

Expenses are getting high and people are searching for alternatives to their living situation.

As a real estate guy, and overall freedom seeker, I have found it fascinating looking through the Italian and French houses he posts about.

Jack Allweil

I have followed Tommy on Twitter for years because of the real estate postings.

Loving the Youtube channel!

Tommy's in depth look at the area, views of/in the home are superb.

I'm not ready to buy, but my 1 on 1 call with Tommy gave me much information about my future retirement plans.

Well worth it, and I will have more 1 on 1's in the future.

Wendi M.

I've been familiar with Tommy's work for about 6 months now.

Followed him on Twitter, subscribed to his newsletter, and watched many of his YouTube videos.

He consistently provides interesting and nuanced insights into cheap homes abroad, expat living, and all things travel.

A great guy to follow!

Nick O'Brien

Tommy is the go-to resource for moving to beautiful France and Italy!

He opens my mind to the possibilities of living a life of travel and enjoyment without breaking the bank.

No one like him in the retirement and financial planning space.


Tommy and his work are one of my favourite discoveries of the year.

Love the way he pulls his content together with the focus on highlighting the wonderful properties available in Europe which could be affordable on all levels.

Beautifully presented work that gets people thinking differently about life. Wonderful stuff.

Benjamin Small

Tommy is the real deal! He has inspired us to consider a better life abroad and how to retire in style.